A multi-faceted domain

The 17 hectares of the Domaine Larue are spread from Chassagne-Montrachet, in the south, to Aloxe-Corton, in the north of the Côte de Beaune. The entire palette of Burgundian appellations is found, from regional to prestigious grand cru.

22 cuvees are on offer, 14 in white and 8 in red. The appellation Saint-Aubin rules supreme at the domain, with 9 premier crus allowing the fabulous diversity of its terroirs to be discovered.

Knowing how to observe and adapt

Each parcel at the domain is cultivated with the same care and the same attention. While no special label is claimed, certain practices are borrowed from organic or biodynamic. The key lies in adaptation. That needs time to be spent on the ground, in the vineyards, to understand the way they behave.

The objective is to intervene as little as possible, favouring less compacted, living soils, for example, or by limiting ploughing and vine trimming. In this way, yields are limited.

Our vines

Discover the ensemble of vine parcels at the domain. By clicking on an appellation, you will have access to its technical sheet.